Food and Dark Under Eye Circles

Dark under the eye circles has two main reasons: lack of sleeping and unhealthy diet. Medically, dark eye circles means seeing the network of blood vessels that lies just under the thin and delicate skin under eye area. This makes you look tired. There are some steps that one can follow to overcome such problem:

• Drink good amount of water, about 4 cups of water or more in hot weather, to save body from the risks of dehydration which result in dark discoloration of the area around the eye.

• Follow a diet that provides body with high level of iron. Iron is an essential nutrient element that helps the person overcome anemia, fast exhaustion and dark discoloration of the eye area. Iron can be found in several foods such as spinach and other leafy vegetables.

• Raise the Vitamin C level in blood to improve the blood
vessel function by having more citrus fruits.

• Reduce the amount of caffeine and alcohol drinks to the minimum rate for better heath in general.

• Reduce the amount of salt, fast food recipes, and meals with high sodium level such as bacon and meats and so in you diet.

• Reduce amount of food allergies. On top of foods associated to allergies are sugar, yeast, dairy, and wheat.

• Eat foods rich in Vitamin K necessary for overcoming dark discoloration of dark eye area. It can be found in kale, Swiss chard and spinach and olive oil.