Poisonous Mushrooms

There are about 38 thousand varieties of mushrooms with different shapes and colors. The poisonous mushrooms refer mainly to the fungi or toadstool which causes negative results after eating it such as 6 hours of vomiting, or lethal liver failure. The main groups of such toxic fungi are: amanitas, catch, and false morels. All these groups are poisonous and can lead to death for young children and adults alike.
Following is a number of necessary tips about poisonous mushrooms:

• Eating poisonous mushrooms can cause death within few hours.

• There are un-poisonous mushrooms are safe but it is necessary to eat small amounts of it even if it is not poisonous.

• Some mushrooms are severely poisonous when eaten in raw form.

• Some mushrooms which are safe for adults are poisonous for children.

• There are numerous symptoms for mushrooms poisoning according to the
type and the age of the person.